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Associating Resolutions to Users


This guide is designed to help you customize and install the Resolution Pixel on your website, specifically focusing on incorporating a user_id property. This will enable you to associate resolution data with individual users on your platform, enhancing user tracking and data segmentation.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Step 1: Basic Pixel Installation

Ensure that the basic Resolution Pixel is installed on your website. This involves embedding a provided code snippet into your website's HTML or template file, typically within the <head> or <body> tags.

See Install Your Resolution Pixel for more information.

Step 2: Define the user_id Property

Modify the Pixel setup to include a user_id property. This identifier should uniquely represent each user in your system.

See getting your Client ID

Step 3: Stringify and Encode the PUID Object

Convert the puid object, now containing the user_id, into a string format and encode it for URL compatibility.

const encodedPuid = encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(puid));

Step 4: Create the Pixel URL

Formulate the pixel URL using the provided pid value and the encoded puid string.

const pixelUrl = `${encodedPuid}`;

Step 5: Implement the Pixel

Embed the pixel into your website using a script tag. This script dynamically creates a script element with the pixel URL as its source and appends it to the document body.

const script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = pixelUrl;

Testing and Validation

After implementation, test the pixel to ensure it's capturing and associating data with the correct user_id. Verify the data on your platform to confirm that user resolution data is being accurately tracked and segmented.


By integrating the user_id property into your Resolution Pixel setup, you can effectively link resolution data to individual users, offering deeper insights and more personalized data analysis. This customization is crucial for platforms seeking to enhance user experience and data utilization.